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Hydrex® Fire Extinguisher

Hydrex® Fire Extinguisher

Prevention - Protection - Extinguishing
The Hydrex® Power-System 3610F from Öko-Tec

The Hydrex® Power-System uses the innovative extinguishing water additive Hydrex®. Normally 95% of water runs off during fire fighting. The water therefore cannot deploy its cooling effect. Through the addition of Hydrex® the water forms a gel. It sticks to the burning substance and can effectively cool the fire. Hydrex® when mixed with water assures that a beginning fire does not expand and an existing fire does not grow out of control.

The Hydrex® Power-System therefore provides an ideal solution to:

  • Prevention of fires
  • Protection from the spread of fires
  • Extinguishing of fires

It can be applied without special training. The Hydrex® Power-System remains fully functional after multiple short term uses. It allows the precise measured amounts to be dispensed which are required to fight the fire and it reduces collateral damage by limiting the affected area.

The Hydrex® Power-System is pressurized manually or, if required, it may be pressurized using compressed air. Wall and vehicle mounts are available as accessories. The addition of the Hydrex®-Clear liquid prolongs the life of the mixture content. If required the Hydrex® Power-System can be configured to be effective at temperatures of up to -20°C.

Technical Specifications:

  • Stainless Steel EU-Norm 97/23/EG
  • Capacity app. 13.5 Litre
  • Product capacity app. 10.0 Litre
  • Weight empty app. 4.7 Kg
  • Weight full app. 15 Kg
  • Operating Pressure 6 bar
  • Relief valve › 6 bar
  • Pressure regulator
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Pump mechanism solid brass
  • Stand and hood PE
  • Hose with holder, valve and Hydrex® spray nozzle
  • Effective distance at 6 bar › 7 m
  • Effective distance at 3 bar › 5 m

Click here to download the data sheet for further specifications.

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