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Hydrex® Information

HYDREX Fire Fighting Vechile HYDREX Fire Extinguisher

HYDREX® - The World's Best Class "A" Fire Fighting Additive

The HYDREX is an interntionally approved Class "A" fire fighting product made in Germany and is successfully used in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and now South Africa. HYDREX added to your normal fire fighting water increases the effectiness of the fire fighting water by 600%, increasing 500 liters of water to 3000 liters. With HYDREX 90% of the fire fighting water remains on the burning object and provides maximum cooling effect. HYDREX is the only Class "A" fire fighting product which can be used for both direct fire fighting and prevention.

HYDREX can be used with conventional fire fighting equipment like Sprayers, Knapsacks, Extinguishers, Backie Sackiesand more. HYDREX is also totally enviromental friendly.


  • Increases the fire fighting water effectiveness by 600%
  • Five year shelf life
  • Increases water throwing distance
    (Best results when used at first attack)
  • Effective for both fire fighting and fire prevention
  • Easy to use and easy to apply
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Prevents re-ignition
  • Uses less water, less time and safer

For more information download the Hydrex® Electronic Brouchure (3.03MB)

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